network voodoo

Network issues can feel like bad mojo. As a network shaman, I wave my chicken bones at your network issue with ease. Or I could explain the mneumonic device I use to remember the 8 layers of the OSI model of Networks and Network applications. (All people seem to need data processing) Call Justin today, 808. 953.9761

PC resurrection

Put away the last rites, a mighty healer has arrived. I work on all manner of hardware, and I am A+ Certified. I love to fix hardware issues, run cabling, or overclock your new gaming PC. Standard desktop PC rates are $40/ hour. Call me today to schedule a visit. 808.953.9761

web magic

A good website that ranks high in the search engines is the "ring of power" for small business. If your website looks like it's from 1996, it could be a "ring of invisibility". I routinely design websites to catch the eye and deliver results. Call me today for a free consultation about your specific needs. 808.953.9761